CTS pot date codes

Ideal as a high-quality replacement for a Fender Strat or any other guitar that has singlecoil pickups – the top-of-the-range series CTS Premium k split shaft pot. Sold individually. A lot of the competition that stock CTS tend not to carry the top-spec. These tighter specs assure that we will never have a k pot with a resistance under k, nor higher than k. Comes complete with two nuts and washers. Here’s what one happy customer had to say about our CTS pots – ” I have to say that the CTS pots that I have received have been a revelation to the guitars tone.

Reading pot codes

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Cts tone pot dated 32nd week of Be aware of another code found on these pots, it has nothing to do with the date as i ve seen the exact same code​.

Gibson bass guitars Part descriptions for Gibson bass guitars Potentiometers. Just like the basses themselves, the potentiometers the volume and tone dials have certain codes stamped into them that can provide useful information. These are an invaluable tool for dating vintage Gibson Instruments. The Gibson serial number system can be very difficult to interpret to say the least – whilst the pot codes had a simple system in which the date of manufacture was encoded into the numbers stamped into the casing.

Usually on the back, as shown in the picture here, or sometimes on the side. CTS codes are in the format year-week. So in the example pictured would indicate a CTS pot, manufactured in the 19th week of Gibson did use pots by other manufacturers, but less often – one such manufacturer is Centralab, code , which appears on a lot of early 60s guitar pots. For example a Centralab pot with code would indicate a production date of the second week of The other number on the pot is the Gibson part number.

When dating an instrument using pot codes, it is important to remember that pots can be changed, or fitted way after they themselves were made, so any conclusion must be in line with other features, such as hardware and serial numbers. In general, models which sold well and therefore had a high turnover of components have the best correlation between pot date and guitar date.

CTS pots identification

If you’ve been reading articles about dating a vintage guitar, you may well have come across mention of pot codes, and the concept of using pot codes to date your guitar. The pots, or potentiometers to give their full name, are the variable resistors that control volume and tone. Better quality pots are often stamped with a number of codes; typically part numbers, date of production, manufacturers codes and resistance values.

Many pots don’t carry all of this information, but the better quality guitars produced in America regularly do. So where are these codes?

CTS Control Pots, Solid shaft, K-ohm (CTS #S ) – 4 pack: ​: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio. Date First Available, Dec 16

Forgot your password? By rawk , May 6, in Effects and Processors. No, not that sort of date! Is there any way of finding out exactly when it was made like by any serial numbers, etc? Does a particular code related to a certain date or is the actually date stamped on the pots? For example, would be a CTS pot, made in the 3rd week of OK, the pedal is an early block logo with LED but the circuit board is covered with foam and I can’t see the pots.

There is a serial number where the battery goes and its Does anybody know what year this number relates to, maybe ? I’m looking forward to dating mine when it arrives. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Dating vintage potentiometers

As we progress through these three sections, the construction of the guitars will get further and further away from the ‘s style and will decrease in value. It is important to remember to make up ones own mind about the merits or pitfalls of these changes. A guitar from any one of these sections could easily be perfect for you. Also, unofficial production numbers from this era indicate that production increases as we progress.

No exact date is really known but based on my experience right around The plastic shaft pots were always CTS with the first three numbers being

Contains 8 metal-shaft CTS pots, with the correct values and tapers to match the original pots. Also contains 3 replacement carbon comp resistors which are directly attached to certain pots in the kit. Two volume, two treble, two bass, one speed, one intensity. The volume pots, treble pots, and speed pots have brass-colored shafts; the other pots have silver-colored shafts.

Contains 10 metal-shaft CTS pots, with the correct values and tapers to match the original pots. Also contains 2 replacement carbon comp resistors which are directly attached to certain pots in the kit. Two volume, two treble, one middle, two bass, one reverb, one speed, one intensity. Contains 6 metal-shaft CTS pots, with the correct values and tapers to match the original pots. Two volume, two treble, two bass.

Contains 9 metal-shaft CTS pots, with the correct values and tapers to match the original pots. Two volume, two treble, two bass, one reverb, one speed, one intensity. Contains 8 metal-shaft CTS pots and one CTS pot with metal shaft and push-pull switch, with the correct values and tapers to match the original pots.

Guitar volume and tone pot, 250k.

Seriously though, the best way to date a vintage SG is not through the serial number, but rather by the potentiometer codes and other features it has. Only in did Gibson switch to a more reliable serial number system which can be trusted as a dating tool. Even then, you want to have a rough idea of when it was made based on the features first, because they have used several different serial number formats through the years.

It is important to remember that no one feature is the absolute determinant factor in dating, but rather the totality of all features taken into consideration.

CTS Guitar Pot, k Split Shaft Pot Premium Series 9% Tolerance. Code: £

If the serial number of an electric guitar is missing or is no longer readable, you can also find the approximate age of the guitar on the basis of the potentiometers. On the potentiometer is a code that gives information about the manufacturer and the year and week when it is made. EIA code. Where to find the code Stamped or punched you can see a six- or seven-digit EIA code on the back or side of the potentiometer.

The potentiometers pots on the guitar offer a oppotunity to find the production date by a EIA Electronics Industry Association code. Assuming that the pots are original and have not been replaced, the production year of the guitar can be determined approximately. The EIA code on pots indicates the manufacturer and date when they are made. It is an approach because of course there is a time between the manufacture date of the potentiometer and its installation on the guitar.

Also for lesser known brands without a serial number, this is a method to determine the approximate production date of a guitar.

Technical Details

Welcome to the www. But when exactly did this change take place? Although Will Ray’s first ASAT likely was assembled in , it still uses a wiring harness with CTS pots dating back to as do the date stamps and does not have the resistor and the lower cap value. Given Greg’s remark as when a transition might have happened, I had fully expected that it would still have the Broadcaster wiring. Maybe you have a ASAT and want to take a peek underneath the control plate. Hey Jos, Nice detective work… I don’t have a photo of Char’s control plate assay but I do in fact know that she has both the resistor and the green cap.

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These pedals have been turning up on ebay for the last few years. They are coming from California. But they did not use all MXR parts and the pedals are often not very well made. Here is an “MXR” envelope filter I got in for some mods. Note that the parts are random, some carbon comp resistors, some film. Also note the parts are not put in straight and some have some leads soldered together on this side of the board for some reason. The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal, so this pedal is not very valuable even if someone could get it working, as the date codes and pots are gone.

See my FAQ for date code decoding info. I have also seen these “NOS” pedals turn up with pots with the last digits as which means 18th week.

Potentiometer Codes On Gibson Bass Guitars

Order by:. Available to:. Job lot four wire wound potentiometers. Assorted Electronic Components and Parts Thank you for looking at my auction for electronic components. Prototyping or repairing any electrical or electronic device. Many of these items are vintage and are out of supplier circulation.

These are an invaluable tool for dating vintage Gibson Instruments. Most Gibson basses use pots made by a company called CTS (Chicago Telephone.

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NOS NIB Mallory M10PK Potentiometer Date Code 6312, #4 Taper, 10 ohm

By continuing to use the forum you conform your acceptance of these. If you are not happy to accept these you must stop using the forum and delete our cookies from your browser. Reading potentiometer date codes. Hi all I want to find out about date codes on Morganite and Lesa branded pots from the ‘s primarily from old guitars I have seen numerous examples, some seem not to have any codes, some do. Re: Reading potentiometer date codes.

Pot Source Codes · = Allen-Bradley · = CentraLab · = CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply, pots and speakers) · = Clarostat ·

Pot codes and source codes information below:. These codes often overlap within a few months to as much as a few years when used to determine the originality of a particular vintage guitar or amp. The best way to date your vintage guitar or amp is from the manufacturers serial number and then use this guide as a reference to date the parts that make up said guitar or amp.

Below are Vintage Guitar Codes to help you. Source-Date Codes On American made vintage guitars and gear, the pots and speakers provide an excellent opportunity to date a piece of equipment by referencing their “source-date code”. The source-date code found on pots and speakers gives the manufacturer and date roughly when the components were made. It may have been some time before the part was installed at the factory, but it still provides a good approximation of when the gear was made.

The source-date code will signify the earliest possible date that the instrument or amp could have been made. This isn’t going to be exact, but it will give you a “ball-park” age. And remember, even the dates indicated by the pots aren’t that exact. For example, if you buy a brand new CTS pot today, they are dated a month or two in advance! I don’t know the reason for this, but it’s worth mentioning.

The source-date codes are under the framework of the “Electronic Industries Association”, which is a non-profit organization representing the manufacturers of electronic parts.

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Some products. All vintage Guitar, potentiometers guitar. Source-Date code, it’s not the tone pot downloads are 20 great reasons to the electronics, some products. Usually the ‘s, you see why if the tube chart.

MPN: W CTS Mojo Tone K DPDT Push / Pull Audio Taper Pot however the date codes overlap: TAD shows one pots dated 52nd.

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